The Staff

The first things you'll notice about our agent population is that they speak English, they are accent neutralized and that is because English is their first language. Most of our agents are college educated and the rest are high school graduates which are minimum required standards to be accepted at Happy Customers. Our clients are assured that all our agents are fully trained to represent their products or services before they ever answer a call, respond to an email or interact with a customer. All agents are dedicated to the company they are assigned to and are considered exclusively assigned to that company for the number of hours they are required to work. 

Courtney Wilson

Founder and CEO

As CEO of Happy Customers, I have seen how effective customer service has not only led to happy and loyal customers but I have also seen businesses grow and significantly improve their bottom line by delivering effective customer service at every point of contact. We bring a fresh approach to customer service that not only makes your customers happy and more loyal to your company but in almost all interactions with customers, our staff is trained to negotiate a win-win situation for both the customer and your company. If you're looking for a customer service solution that does more than pick up the phone, escalate issues with customers, and refund all your money, you're definitely looking for Happy Customers.

Ricardo Dowry

Director of Operations

Courtney and I share that same passion for Happy Customers. As Director of Operations, It's my modus operandi to keep the ingenuity that fuels Happy Customers, going! The ingenuity that keeps our agents and support staff engaged in what we are doing and always smiling without compromising professionalism - It's the same ingenuity and results-driven approach that keeps our clients very happy and I am very proud to be accountable for it all. At Happy Customers, we are big on accountability and we will deliver beyond your expectations.

Damian Robinson

Workforce Manager

Making sure our clients are properly staffed is of utmost importance. Forecasting staffing requirements and containing cost that is typically an issue with overstaffing is constantly being evaluated. 

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