This page outlines the service we offer as well as the software we are using and proficient in, most of which are used by companies in the industries we service. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project, I am sure we have a solution for you. We service businesses and companies in the US, Canada and the UK.



Our customer service philosophy is to equip our employees with the power of words; our agents learn how to communicate with customers without relying on a prewritten script to deliver a truly coherent customer experience.


We also do not believe in a one-size-fits-all customer service approach. All of our teams are trained to handle customers differently based on the company they are assigned to.  This means that our clients in the subscription business are assigned customer service agents who are trained to meet their customer service needs while agents who service our e-commerce and SaaS companies are trained differently to meet the needs of those companies.


Our customers service approach is retention and sales driven. Our agents are trained to negotiate win/win solutions for both the customer and the company. Refunding or cancelling a customer is the last option when all else fails.



The lifeline of a SaaS company is intrinsically linked to its Customer Success Manager. Having worked with SaaS companies for many years we understand the kind of talent your company needs and we have consistently produced highly educated and trained Customer Success Managers.


Our workforce of Customer Success Managers are very tech savvy and proficient in many of the systems and software’s being used by SaaS companies in the industry today.


Our customer success teams are trained to handle 1-2 hours on-boarding sessions via webinars and screen-sharing. They maintain very close relationships with customers to ensure that the on-boarding process is successful and that your customers receive continued support throughout the relationship with your company.




We have dedicated teams that are there to keep your customers doing business with your company. Many companies are finding it difficult to retain customers and are losing customers daily to competitors. With little or no retention effort there is no incentive for your customers to stay with your company and It doesn’t have to be that way. Since we started our retention efforts we have helped many companies retain thousands of customers and plug the leaking revenue hole – we will do the same for you.



Now more than ever, companies are now looking at maximizing profits and building stronger relationships with customers. Upselling is one of the pieces to this puzzle. We have been upselling for our clients throughout the life of the relationship. Our approach to upselling is not “salesy” nor is it “pushy”, our agents are trained to understand your customers by building rapport, figuring out their wants and needs and direct them to products or services that are right for them.



In any organization across industries, taking orders is an important task at some level of the business process. Order taking is a process of recording orders accurately, seeing the recorded data and delivering the same.


We have trained and experienced order takers who can handle your order taking service in a professional manner.


Some of the industries we cove are:

  • Online food ordering websites

  • Restaurants

  • Online shopping websites

  • Movie / Event Tickets



Our sales teams are the backbone for all the companies we provide this service too. Our agents are trained in the art of selling and not to depend on a script to get them through the sale.



We have been running sales campaigns and telemarketing since our inception and we have done very impressive numbers and we can do the same for you.


It doesn't matter what campaign you're running, once you have data, we will work with you.




As reservations sales specialists our agents represents major airlines, travel agencies and hotels. 


Our agents are trained to assist customers with purchasing travel arrangements, events, and accommodations which includes purchasing airline, bus or train tickets, booking hotel accommodations, reserving tables at restaurants or obtaining tickets to a play, concert, amusements park or other performance events.  


Our agents are highly trained, they are fast and very accurate. Most importantly, they are trained to upsell your additional products and services. 


In today’s business environment, time truly is money. Your sales representatives are constantly trying to keep up with the demands of their schedules and closing deals.


Sales reps need a full pipeline of warm leads. Service teams need a full work schedule. Practices need a full schedule of patients to see.


Fill your sales pipeline with warm leads, Our agents can cold call for you and your team. We will take your leads, make the cold calls and set face-to-face sales appointments for your sales staff.


Fill your work schedule. Let us call your customers, clients or patients to schedule annual or follow-up appointments.

  • Need high quality appointments for your sales team?

  • Frustrated with your internal contact center?

  • Tired of your current unprofessional agency?

  • Ready to focus on your core business…instead of appointment setting?









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