Happy Customers provides services to a variety of businesses and companies in several industries. We are well known and highly respected in the subscription and e-commerce industries and we are also making a name for ourselves in the technology world working with SaaS companies. There are industries that we have the capacity and the ability to service that will soon be added to our portfolio as we aim to secure pending partnerships.  



We know the importance of having responsive customer service that understands the industry and the importance of maintaining healthy MID accounts and preventing fraud.


Having witnessed many businesses in the industry lose their merchant accounts and go out of business, we have tailored our customer service to meet the demands of the industry.

Our agents are trained to:


  • Reduce Chargebacks

  • Reduce Refunds

  • Increase Retention

  • Negotiate with customers and bank reps on the line



Having customers service as the first line of defense against negative reviews and feedback is essential for e-commerce businesses. One bad review or a multiplicity of same will send sales plummeting. 


For e-commerce businesses, customer service is the difference between retaining a customer and losing a customer to the competitor. Competition is fierce in the e-commerce world and to stay on top you have to hire the best customer service – that’s where we come in.


We offer multi-channel support for online stores through email, phone, live chat, social media etc. Some of the platforms our client sells on are:


Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wayfair, Newegg, Shopify...



The lifeline of a SaaS company is intrinsically linked to its Customer Success Manager. Having worked with SaaS companies for many years we understand the kind of talent your company needs and we have consistently produced highly educated and trained Customer Success Managers.


Our workforce of Customer Success Managers are very tech savvy and proficient in many of the systems and software’s being used by SaaS companies in the industry today.


Our customer success teams are trained to handle 1-2 hours on-boarding sessions via webinars and screen-sharing. They maintain very close relationships with customers to ensure that the on-boarding process is successful and that your customers receive continued support throughout the relationship with your company.




Many new businesses are venture capital back and are constantly faced with multiple challenges, one of which is finding competent customer service on a budget!


Being under heavy scrutiny as people try to figure out who you are and what you're about, any disparaging comments or negative reviews can tank your firm. So it's always a huge positive to have the best customer service right off the bat. 


We have worked with several startups and help them create a customer service framework and philosophy that is unique to their company. 


We will partner with you and give you the quality customer service we are known for. We also take your budget into consideration.




Customer service is vital to the travel industry and in an age where travellers have the option of doing businesses with a competitor by just the click of a mouse, businesses in this industry understand the importance of having great customer service to create a great first impression and protect the company's image and reputation.


Our agents are trained to provide a unique customer experience based on the customer service philosophy of the company. Our agents are carefully trained to give the best experience possible without compromising speed and accuracy.


We will have an even stronger presence in this industry as word gets out about the great services we provide.






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